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[Tutorial] HUAWEI B315S-936 UNLOCKING Step by Step

Before we start.. this tutorial  does not belong to me this is just compilation of unlocking B315S-936.

What I found here is you don't need to put unlocked code  ( Algo code ) may tama si tootsie
Cid Reader is enough and a little command..
Unlocking will be done on USB mode (GREEN LED) for the first time unit going to USB Mode is easy... the 2nd time a round  have some little difficulties. 
On the USB Mode you need USB cable  Male to Male (nabili ko sakin 200 pesos USB 3.0) dahil alam ko kuripot ka.. gawa ka nalang!
Uhm hindi sakin unit eto .. hahaha sandali kolang nagalaw.


I tried DC Unlocker, Cid Reader by DAWOOD128  ( original post tootsie) Huawei Cid Reader (GSM Forum) 
User Interface:
user: user
pass: @l03e1t3 
 OK Lets Start!!
1.)  Install Mobile Partner version 23
(Gamit ku din eto pang unlock sa Huawei E357  ng Globe hindi kasi mag ko close yang  pwede mu ilagay yung PIN)

2. ) HUAWEI B315S-936 on USB Mode  (GREEN LED LIGHT) :

There are 2 method on how to have stable green lights idepends on your situation :

Method A) First Time USB Mode of the UNIT : Unang try palang or virgin sa USB Mode
3.  When RED LED is out  Release WPS + Power  and wait for Color Blue LED light.
4. Wait untill the LED light turn  GREEN and  when it Steady  USB Mode is ready.. Plug your USB cable to your Computer mobile partner will install required driver  if not  try manualy update driver and browse mobile partner on program files.
Method B) Second Time  USB Mode : eto yung na Bugbug na kaka try ng USB Mode  (GREEN ) dahil mali yung unang  pindut kalikot .
1. Hanap ka ng  Multicast Tool gaya ng Upgrade Tool ng ( B593)
4. Observe your modem  Blue LED Light while upgrading is in process.
5. HUAWEI B315S-936 will reject to unverified firmware  it will turn to RED LED now Click STOP on Multicast Upgrader.
6. Wait till RED LED is Stable... and then  press WPS+Power  wait till the RED LED light turn off (minsan 2x masisindi pa yun para sure wait kapa mga 5 seconds baka sumindi pa yung RED )then release  WPS+Power (bitawan muna)
7. It will turn Blue again then wait a few second   sipol sipol ka muna.. mag GREEN LED  stay Stable..
(NOTE :  Hindi nyo pwede pag sabayin yang dalawang App gumagamit sila ng iisang COM port mag ha hang si  DC Unlocker (PC UI Interface makikita nyo sa device manager yan )
2. If you have DC Unlocker Credits you can directly unlocked the Modem now (hindi ko ginamit yung  credit ko sayang tinray ko muna yung isa )
3. Unlocked by  Cid Reader by DAWOOD128  ( original post tootsie) or Huawei Cid Reader (GSM Forum) download mo cge para wala na tanong tanong ng link eh meron naman kasi  sa net nyan.. huwag tamad mag comment ng thanks and hit like or feedback after neto............
a) Put the right COM port  (you can find that on device manager) : sample here Com7.
c) Input this three code copy paste on Manual send command
First -Unang code:  at ^ nvwrex = 8268,0,12,1,0,0,0,2,0,0,0, a, 0,0,0
after sending command you will receive OK  delete the OK
Second Pangalawang code:
AT ^ SYSCFGEX = "00", 3FFFFFFF, 1,2,800C5 ,,
after sending command you will receive OK  delete the OK
Third Pangatlong code:
AT ^ SYSCFGEX = "0302", 400000,1,2,800C5 ,,
Check Your Modem is Unlocked  Insert Smart Sim..  Plug power cable then unplug again.. Check if it can  read the Sim.
Checking via Mobile Partner on USB Mode.
Unlocked Check by Browser ..
SKY BLUE LED LIGHT 4G connection

Putulin mo yung USB charger na Sira  i dugtong mo Male to Male pag pares pares mo yung kulay ng cable..

Modem IP:

I inserted SMART LTE Sim as you can see Device is Locked..

Changing WiFi SSID and Password Go to Settings -> WLAN Basic Settings.

You can  block any client here with their MAC

You can also Change the default  user password here.

 You can access you can insert Unlocked Code or New ALGO  (but this is useless)

This have compatible driver for model 660 on USB Mode tried and tested on Win 10

File size : 33.50 MB
Download Link : Click Here 

NOTE: Sa mga nag rereklamo ayaw ng driver  konting diskarte naman  dyan manual nyo ilagay yung driver punta sa device manager  , update yung driver ... mag browse sa folder ng Mobile Partner  nandyan yung driver... installl

NOTE: USB MODE Method B is the most effective!  

1.  Plug your modem Power

2.  PRESS and Hold  WPS+Power   (pindutin nyo wag nyo bibitawan hangat di ko sinasabi!!)

 RED LED Lights

2. Select mo yung LAN saan mo isasaksak yung  Modem mo  (Lancard)

3. Upload ka ng kahit anung bin firmware then click START

NOTE: Pag hindi kumagat yung UPGRADE,  MALI po ang pag gamit nyo ng Mulicast Dapat naka OFFmuna yung modem hindi naka plug yung saksakan or USB.  pag click ng START button Duon nyo palang isaksak yung Modem 

Your USB Mode is Ready!!.

1.This is the easy part you can check your Modem Unlock Status on DC unlocker or Open the Mobile Partner App.  

 pass: iloveyou

b) Read Imei (for testing purposes )

after sending command you will receive OK 

Kaya  ko pina delete yung OK para sure OK yung natangap mo reply  kapag 3 OK na  unlocked na yan modem mo...

Huwag tamad mag comment ng thanks and hit like or feedback after neto............ 

And that's it you successfully unlocked your modem!
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